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Update on the RP Eggs and more.

Very hectic week for us here with the house undergoing a little bit of renovation (definitely gonna have to share my bathroom’s makeover when it’s done), new pens being built, soap and lotion bars being made, and orders going out

By the way, for a limited time receive 10% off your order from our Etsy shop when you use the code: 10OFFMHF. I’ll be listing two more soaps this month as soon as they’re ready – restocks of Cool As A Cucumber-Cantaloupe and Oatmeal & Tupelo Honey, so watch for them 🙂

Back to the post at hand. . . I thought I would do an update on the Royal Palm eggs: seventeen went in the incubator on April 22nd, and after candling last night, we’re left with fourteen (two were complete duds and didn’t show any signs of development and one had a blood ring).  They’ve also been joined by a few Polish eggs. Time for a couple of pictures:

Not the best picture of a candled egg that I’ve ever taken, but there’s definitely a little turklet in there. 

Polish egg.
Now, this is a much better picture of a candled egg. Check out those veins! One of the best sights to see for a confirmed hatchaholic (like me) ;). Less than two weeks left, and we should have babies. 
And guess what? I heard Ossiris the peacock screeching his head off the other day. Maybe, finally, the girls will begin laying. I can only guess that they’re so late in laying because our spring has been somewhat mild (it was actually in the 40sF – high 40s, but still the 40s – early one morning this week). 
And in other news, we’ve added a Nubian doe, who’s bred, to our herd. So thrilled about her. Our does are getting on up in years and I’ve been wanting to add registered goats to our farm for ages, and this year has been perfect for it. 
Meet Brownie:
What a sweet and smart girl she is (and big, too). She’s learned that I take the weimaraners (Remy first, then Hunter second) out first thing in the mornings before I do anything else. So, unlike the other animals who start making noise and become totally rambunctious as soon as they see me, Brownie relaxes and chills out until she sees me with Hunter. Then she decides it’s time to get up and meet me at the gate to her pen. See, I told you she’s smart 🙂    Hope you have a nice weekend!

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