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Sweet Sammy.

Not sure why, but I’ve had that song, “Sweet Caroline”, stuck in my head for days – don’t you hate when that happens? But in the case of this post, it should be “Sweet Sammy”.

And he is a super sweet fella, not to mention resilient. The night after we brought Sammy home he started scouring. Scours = diarrhea, a very serious, potentially fatal situation with goats. For almost a week solid, he had runny, sometimes even watery poop (I know, a little graphic, but that’s life, isn’t it?). He acted normal, ate well most of the time, and was as happy-go-lucky as always, but still he scoured. After tons and tons of TLC, not to mention two fecal samples, and finally a vet visit when he still wasn’t improving, Sammy is much improved.

Yesterday, he finally started producing the berry-like poop that is normal for goats. And guess what, I cheered when I saw it. . . I’ve never in my life been so happy to see solid poop from a goat 😉

A few pictures of Sammy from the past two days:

Checking out the garden.

Look, how big the pepper plants have got!

Sammy looking down the hill at Mose the donkey and the goats in their pen and saying, “Ha! I’m a house goat!”
And then back inside in his “bed” – Time for a nap.

Yep, that’s my Brinsea incubator on the right side of the picture. Two Indian Runner eggs, plus eggs from Pattycake the turkey are in it currently, but they’re due to go on lockdown today.

By the way, most of these pictures were taken with my new Straight Talk smart phone. No more contract!!! Yep, life is good 🙂

So, that was my life over the last week in a nutshell, how was yours?

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