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Turkey Turmoil.

Our farm yard has been in turmoil the past month. My grandmother has been wanting us to add “those pretty black and white ones” ever since we first got turkeys two years ago. I adore turkeys, so it didn’t take much to convince me. So a few weeks ago, we added a trio of adult Royal Palms.

Now, for the turmoil part. Although, it’s not really turmoil for us humans, but for the two males we already had, Jim Bob and Snoody, it has definitely been an unpalatable experience. You see, with the new turkeys, we now have three males in all, and Jim Bob and Snoody are not thrilled about having another boy that might upstage them. Most especially Jim Bob, as he’s our top dog. . . or at least he thinks he is 😉

Jim Bob.

Almost all day long, everyday, Jim Bob and Snoody spend their time strutting back and forth in front of the new male (who we’ve decided to name Enoch, by the way), and of course, being a turkey, Enoch has to show off a little in response. I swear, turkeys are the vainest creatures 🙂

It’s actually rather cute in a way. Jim Bob and Snoody with their big, bad selves (and believe me, they are big – I picked up Jim Bob last year and I swear, he has to weigh close to 40 lbs), and little Enoch almost half their size (adult Royal Palm males typically weigh around 22 lbs).

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