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Intruder Alert!

A couple of weeks ago we finally let the rest of the guineas hatched last year start free ranging with the flock. So far, the older members of the flock are getting along really well with them. In fact, I think they kind of enjoy having some young guys to show the ropes to. . . or maybe boss around.

The only problem is, the older guineas have been taking the younger ones rambling. Funny, how when it was just the older ones, they were complete home bodies, rarely venturing further than the immediate area around the house lest they miss out on any yummy treats. But now they want to see the world. Did you know it’s not unheard of for guinea fowl to wander miles from their homes while free ranging? At least, ours have never gone that far 🙂 Just into the woods surrounding us and back again.

The younger guineas have been taking little rambles into the other enclosures, too (ie, with the goats or the geese), and of course, being guineas (which let’s face it, will never be the Harvard graduates of the bird world 😉 ), they have a hard time figuring out how to get back out again. For example:

This guinea girl managed to infiltrate the doe pen. Not that the goats minded or anything as they were almost all with Mose in his new pen (yep, even Mose’s nemesis, Bridie). Anyways, she spent at least fifteen minutes trying to figure out how to rejoin the rest of the flock. All the while her guinea buddies stood on the outside talking to her. 

Maybe they were giving her advice on how to get out. Whatever they were shouting at her (guineas rarely just talk, and never whisper lol), must have worked because she did eventually rejoin them all by herself. Which makes me very happy, since I’m the one that is usually relegated to herding guineas out of places they’re not supposed to be.

Myrtle, who’d been taking a dust bath nearby, was just glad the loud ruckus had died down 🙂

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