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Odd Duck Out.

Let me introduce you to one of our ducks, Chirp:

We have two different groups of ducks on our farm: the better quality breeders and the ones that have made their way to our place in various different manners – quite a few of those by being rehomed to us. Chirp is in the second group.

Chirp was raised as a single lonely duckling during the winter of 2010. At the time, I didn’t have any other ducklings his age and it being winter time, I couldn’t find any anywhere around us. So, Chirp was brooded with a few guinea keets that were the same age as him. Not the most ideal situation, and not one I would ever recommend, either.

The problem is that Chirp doesn’t think he’s a duck. He has plenty of waterfowl company now, but he eschews them for our more land-locked fowl. He doesn’t visit the pond with the other ducks, and in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him bathe in any of the kiddie pools, either. Instead, he spends his days nibbling on grass and hunting bugs with the chickens. Not a bad life at all.

And while almost all of our birds get along well together (although, I should mention that our turkeys, Jim Bob and Snoody, love to taunt the peacocks during breeding season, and we have just added a new type of bird that is not known for being sociable – more about them one day soon), it can be a little odd sometimes to see this one duck always mixed in with a bunch of chickens.

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4 thoughts on “Odd Duck Out.

  1. I have had a similar experience, but with a turkey and geese. I had started with a pair of Royal Palm poults but one was beheaded through the fence, by a raccoon, I speculate. I was raising a pair of african goslings at the same time so I threw my poult in with them. Well, at about 2 he was smitten with his geese. I was given a mystery breed turkey hen and tried to get him to befriend her, no such luck, he killed her. He is almost 5 years and his geese are both gone, I want to get him a hen, but fear he wont like a turkey mate again lol.

    1. So sorry to hear that. It’s so weird how much they identify with a species not their own. Thank God Chirp hasn’t been aggressive with any of the other birds. Although he would totally love for one of the chicken or guinea hens to let him romance them lol, but luckily they don’t barely give him the time of day. Best of luck with your tom and thank you for stopping by!

  2. Awww, Chirp is adorable 😀 x

    1. He is that lol. Thank you for stopping by!!

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