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High Tech Grandma.

Shell's Pics 005
My grandmother checking out her Christmas present.

Grandma: “What is this thing?”

We usually try to buy Grandma one big present every year, and this year it was a tablet so she could surf the net, maybe even get on Facebook šŸ˜‰ When Mom and I went shopping for it a few weeks ago, the saleslady couldn’t believe we wanted a tablet for an 84 year old grandmother. Can you say age discrimination? Kidding.

But I think it’s perfect for her to learn on. And while my grandma is not tech savvy, I do have her favorite sites. . . that is, sites she enjoys for us to show her on our computers. . . bookmarked and of course, both Mom and I are here to help if she gets stuck.

I imagine once she learns how to work it completely by herself, she’ll be speeding down the information superhighway. She’s already visited Facebook and several other places, including here (Hi Grandma!).

Shell's Pics 007 
I wasn’t sure she’d like it, but she’s enjoyed it so much that a couple of times when her tablet was charging she commandeered my laptop.

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