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Meet Mose.

The second installment in an introduction to our animals:

Hi, my name is Mose. I’ve been mentioned before on here, but it’s been awhile and I wanted to be next (I really wanted to be first, but Happy got that honor – oh well, second isn’t too bad). I told Mama that being the big boy that I am that I wanted to speak for myself.

And I am a big boy now; in September I turned a whole year old. I’m a very lucky boy, too; I have two moms – my donkey mom, Myrtle (who I call Mommy Myrtle) and my human mom, Shell. Plus, I have a girlfriend/best friend. She’s the sweetest, prettiest girl ever. Her name’s Petunia (but I call her Tunie) and she’s a sheep.

And even though I’m a boy, I live in the doe pen (with nothing but girls, and me, of course). Sometimes it’s tough living with girls, but they do love to dote on me, and I get along with them lots better than Mommy Myrtle did (and she gets along lots better with the boys than me – they’re a little too pushy for my taste).

The only problem with the girls is that they can be pushy sometimes, too (not as bad as the boys, though, but still more than me). Nana (that’s my human nana, not my donkey nana) says I’m a regular push-over. Mama says I’m just a big old softie. I like Mama’s description better, don’t you? Anyways, the girls love my feed, mainly Bridie. Bridie’s my nemesis, by the way. She may look all sweet and innocent, but she’ll gobble up your food before you can blink. . . Ugh! I mean, I don’t mind sharing if you ask politely, but Bridie doesn’t even ask.

But we solved that problem. I have my own separate place now that’s fenced in, and every morning before the doe pen gets their breakfast, I get moved from there to my pen and I get to eat my breakfast and graze all by myself in peace. Mama moves me most of the time and she says it’s the highlight of her day. It’s the highlight of mine, too. My feed bucket is pink, and when I see that bucket coming my way I know it has something tasty in it, and I start talking (I like to talk, can you tell?). One day, I’m going to let Tunie (and maybe a couple of the other girls, too) go to my pen with me, but definitely not Bridie.

Me and Tunie aren’t like her. We have manners. In fact, almost every time we have guests over to visit, I greet them. It’s one of my favorite things to do, and they always seem to get a kick out of it, too. A couple of people have even asked if they could take me home with them. Thank goodness, Nana and Mama didn’t let them, cause I sure would miss my home here. . . I’d even miss Bridie.

By the way, do you know what my nickname is? The Baby. I may be a big boy, now, and I’m certainly not the youngest anymore, but my nana says that no matter how big I get, I’ll always be The Baby 🙂

Good night and I hope you have a Merry Christmas (with lots and lots of presents under the tree)!

Yours Truly,
a.k.a. The Baby

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