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A White Lightning Find?

In South Alabama just outta Louisville
Granddaddy he got him a still
White lightnin’ when the sun goes down
Give me that stuff and pass it around
Might mighty pleasin’, pappy’s corn squeezing
Whoa Lordy, give me Pike County white lightnin’
– lyrics from White Lightnin (Hank Williams Jr.) 

A mad escape by Remy from the dogs’ fenced in play area led to my father discovering this:
Doesn’t it look just like part of an old moonshine jug? He uncovered it after digging down in the soil a bit at the gate to the boys’ pen. 
From stories my granddaddy used to tell (and boy, did he have some good ones), I know there were moonshiners in the past around here and I know it’s still being produced in this area. And of course, there’s always the Hank Williams Jr. song posted above (the Pike County he was singing about is just minutes away). 
I don’t know what I’m going to do with it, but I’m definitely not going to toss it. . . much too interesting not to keep.

One thought on “A White Lightning Find?

  1. Hi Shell. That is indeed a great find! Imagine the history involved. I wasn’t familiar with that particular tune so it was helpful of you to include some of the lyrics with your post. Fascinating stuff! Thanks for sharing your discovery. Best regards, Farmer Doug at “Ladybug’s Mew” in Yellow Point on Vancouver Island.

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