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Take a ride with me.

When you have a few acres of land, you quickly realize it’s much easier to get around and do what you need to do with a set of wheels, especially if that land is as hilly as ours. We bought a UTV, which we appropriately nicknamed Big Red, in 2009 – one of the best additions we’ve made to the farm. Anyways, Big Red was a lifesaver (or maybe I should call it a leg-saver because it certainly made feeding time for the goats so much easier and quicker) for the first two years. Then, 2012 rolled around, and Big Red decided to abandon its reliability. Two months ago, it finally quit completely and we’ve had to grow accustomed to using our feet to carry us everywhere on our land. Certainly not anywhere near as easy, and most definitely not as fast when doing chores in the morning. 

This week, we finally got the UTV back from the repair shop, and it has been so wonderful having a set of wheels again (Actually, we did have a small set of wheels as the repair shop was kind enough to loan us a golf cart for a few days during the family reunion – which was very nice, but I missed my Big Red lol). Of course, we just had to take it for a spin yesterday (one of my favorite things to do on a hot day). So, go for a ride with me down our little dirt road.
Notice the dog joining us? His name is Happy, and I’ll try to do a post about him sometime soon. By the way, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, his head is, indeed, pink :). 

Heading out our first driveway. Our neighbors across the road also have goats and chickens, but of course, you can’t see them from here. 
Have I ever mentioned that we live next to a cemetery? There are quite a few older gravestones in it, some dating back to around the time of the Civil War. Several years ago, there was actually a ceremony held in it to rebury the remains of a Confederate soldier who died in the war. Something else I may not have mentioned is when my family purchased the land we live on back in 2001, we were told by the seller that a Native American burial ground was located on it. Pretty spooky, huh?
 Our dirt road isn’t very long (1 1/2 miles), and is wooded for much of the way on both sides. There are several families that live on it, and we’ve almost formed our own little community. One of the favorite things that a lot of our neighbors love to do, is to ride up and down it. And when you do ride down it, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter deer, a flock of wild turkeys, a snake crossing the road, etc. We didn’t see anything yesterday, though.
This is land that was cleared not too long ago, and there’s a very long, winding, makeshift road that goes throughout the whole acreage.
Time to turn around and head back. The church next to the cemetery is just visible up ahead.
Almost home. You can just see our driveway up ahead.
Uh oh! We went right past it. Notice the high banks on either side of the road (By the way, our land extends almost to the end of the road and is on the left, of course.). They stretch quite high at the tallest point – I always made believe they were tall cliffs when I was a little girl. Of course, we didn’t live on this road, then, and I never dreamed we would.
Here we are at the end of the road. Isn’t that sky beautiful?
Now, let’s turn around and head back home.
Happy enjoyed the ride, but he’s glad to be back in his favorite spot 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the small tour!

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