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Meet Happy.

I thought it’d be cool to do a post every so often highlighting one of our animals, and who better to start with than our new (and temporary) dog.

Happy is a toy poodle that’s staying with us until he finds his forever home. He’s a year old, and is seven pounds of bouncing energy and love. A huge difference from our big dogs, but amazingly enough, he’s blended in well with them and has taken to bossing them around a little.

He’s even enjoying the other animals and almost always accompanies us to the doe pen every morning at feeding time. In fact, we’ve taken to calling him “Farm Dog” ;). And he loves sitting with me beside the grow-out pen watching the happenings of the younger birds, like the Auburn turkeys (I’ll have to do a post about them soon, too, because they’re starting to feather out and are looking a little more like turkeys).

Of course, Happy’s favorite thing to do is raid the basket next to the back door where we keep the dogs’ toys and pull out every last one. Now, I just need to teach him to put them back :).

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