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Finally, a TSC.

Our small town has one little feed store, and I love shopping there. Something about the musty, sweet smell of all that livestock food takes me back to years gone by. It reminds me of being a little girl and hopping on the back of my cousin JD’s four-wheeler for a ride down the road to the old feed and seed store. It was a clapboard building near the train tracks with dusty wood floors, various seed in large wooden bins behind the cash register, and there was always a circle of men in coveralls or overalls gathered at the counter telling tall tales and chewing the fat. I adored that store, and was so sad when it was torn down not too long ago. Funny, how you can develop such strong emotions for a building.

Anyways, back in those years, we had three feed stores and a farmers cooperative in my hometown, and if one didn’t have what you needed one of the others probably did. Now, we’re down to just the one feed store and the co-op, and unfortunately, there are times when neither has what I’m looking for. Those times, I have to either order it off the internet or travel some distance to another store, like Tractor Supply Company, in our area that might have it.

We’re lucky enough to have three TSCs in the area surrounding us. The first is about 31 miles away, the second 35 miles, and the third is 46 miles from our home. We rarely go to the town the first one is in, except when we need to make a quick trip to TSC. The only time we go through the town the second one is located in is when we’re on the way to somewhere else, like Montgomery. And the third town, well, we make a trip there sometimes once a month, sometimes less often. So, you can imagine my anticipation to see several months ago that work had begun on a Tractor Supply Company in our county (just a mere 17 miles down the road) and in a town that we’re in at least once a week.

They opened for the first time yesterday, and of course, you know, I just had to be there. So, we got up extra early, fed the animals, and headed out.

Anytime I’ve been to TSC, I’m usually in a hurry to get back home, so it was a nice change this time to be able to look around and find things I usually don’t notice. Like this rooster sign:

I just had to have it, although it’d make more sense for us if it had “attack turkey” on it. Our roosters are all sweet gentlemen – Jim Bob the turkey is the one you have to watch out for lol.

We’ll still do most of our shopping at the local feed store, but it’s nice to have a closer option now for harder to find stuff.

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