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Soy Candles

Remember back in June when the UPS man delivered a couple of packages (If you don’t, read Photo Shoot on the Farm). I’ve been meaning to do an update explaining what one of the packages was, but well, I’m a horrible procrastinator.

The mystery box contained supplies for my new favorite hobby. . . Candle Making. It’s just as addictive as soap making and almost as much as hatching (like I need another past time to be obsessed with lol). The best thing is that it’s super easy and not necessarily expensive to get started in.

You need:

  • Wax (I used soy wax)
  • Pretabbed wicks
  • Fragrance Oil
  • Containers (I used 8 oz jelly jars that I bought cheap from a dollar store)
  • Hot glue gun (Used to attach the wicks to the bottom of the jars)
  • Clothespins (Used to keep the wicks from falling over while the wax is being poured)
  • Pour Container (You can buy special pots for this, but I used a heat safe glass pitcher)
  • Metal lid (Placed underneath the pouring container to keep it from being in direct contact with the heat)
  • Saucepan (Used to heat the pouring container to melt the wax)
  • Candle colorant (It’s important to use a colorant that is intended for candle making – I used color blocks)
  • Scissors (To trim the wicks)
A few of the candles lined up on the baker’s rack.

So far, I’ve made Lemon Blossom, Victorian Rose, and Ocean Breeze scented candles, and I’m expecting two new fragrances (Cucumber Cantaloupe and Apple Jack Peel, along with more wicks and colorant) to be delivered tomorrow. Guess you know what I’ll be busy doing tomorrow.

By the way, this is the company that I’ve bought most of my fragrance oils from (as well as, wax, wicks, and color blocks): Nature’s Garden.

I’m completely amazed at all the different types of fragrances that they carry (Absinthe, Bacon, and Chocolate Raspberry, to name a few), and have already found so many more I want to try.

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