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Crafty Mama.

I walked my mother through the process of making soap a few weeks ago, and she’s now made her first two batches: Lemon Blossom and Victorian Rose. They turned out so well that I think I’m going to let her completely take over our soap making lol.

Victorian Rose.

Lemon Blossom.
This one is my favorite – I love fruity scents and 
this bar smells just like a freshly cut lemon.

I sliced the soap for her using a new crinkle cutter, and I really like the ridges it makes on each bar of soap.

4 thoughts on “Crafty Mama.

    1. And it smells good, too 🙂 That whole half of the house smells just like roses and lemons lol.

  1. We are wanting to attempt both goat’s milk lotion and goat’s milk soap. What is your recipe?

    Sonja from

    1. I’m just starting out, too, and this has been one the most helpful pages for me:

      Just put the ingredients and percentages listed into a soap calculator and it tells you exactly how much of everything you need. So far, I haven’t tried using any other oils other than the ones listed on that page, but I so want to try making soap with shea butter in it. Good luck!

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