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Happy Birthday to ‘Gator and ‘Bear.

This month we’re celebrating two of our dogs’ birthdays. Remy turned four years old exactly a week ago and Verity will be two tomorrow.

You might be wondering what alligators and bears have to do with this post. Well, for some reason, my mother’s nicknames for Remy and Verity have always been, “Rem Gator” and “Vear Bear”. So, there you go, I live with an alligator and a bear. At least, their temperaments are nothing like their nicknames (well, other than Remy when he spots any of his favorite foods unattended on the counter). But I digress.

They’re truly two of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever had, and although you wouldn’t think they have much in common with each other (being different breeds and everything), they actually do. Both love helping with baby animals of any type. In fact, they’ve been my helpers with the two bottle baby goats. Another thing they have in common is that they both think they’re entitled to sleep on my pillow (in Remy’s case, he prefers to sleep above my head on the pillow). They’re the typical large dogs that don’t realize exactly how big they are, and still insist on sitting in our laps occasionally. They’re also both very much my little babies (no matter how big they are).

A couple pictures of my babies when they were much younger. 

Remy at almost 4 months old.
Verity at 5 months old.
By the way, that’s snow on the ground- not much of it, but it counts lol.

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