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Time for a bottle.

My grandmother’s first time bottle feeding a goat.

Our last three does kidded this past week, and this year’s kidding season is officially over on our little farm. The new additions are: Renny, Marcy, and Marcus. Two of the kids (Renny and Marcy) are being bottle raised. Of course, these two guys have kept all of us busy this week, but it’s so nice having bottle babies again.

3 thoughts on “Time for a bottle.

  1. SO CUTE! I think my hubby would evict me if I tried to bottle feed a goat in the house! Good luck with your new babies! I love the photo!
    Kelsey aka RuralMama

  2. Simply adorable! Love the pictures in your blog 😀

  3. Thank you for the nice comments 🙂 They’ve been such sweet kids to raise, but I never would’ve thought we’d love having goats in the house – just temporarily though lol.

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