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First Peachicks.

I just wanted to share a quick picture of the first two peachicks to hatch out from our very own flock of peafowl. Aren’t they adorable? We’ve had a waiting list for them since before the eggs were even set, and these guys’ new owners have been super excited about them.

I have just one more picture to share:

This is a picture of a candled peafowl egg that is internally pipped (the lighter portion of the egg is the air cell). When I first started incubating eggs, I read about internal pipping and how you could see the shadow of the chick moving in the air cell. Even after studying tons of pictures, I still couldn’t imagine exactly what it would look like in person. Now I know that it’s so much more exciting to witness than any picture could portray. Definitely one of my favorite parts of hatching eggs.  

One thought on “First Peachicks.

  1. Thanks for stopping by Rural Mama’s Sandbox and following my blog! I love your blog as well! I have been fortunate to hatch several chicks and ducklings and you are right, not a picture nor a word can describe what its like to candle an egg and see the little shadow move inside. Just amazing! I hope that you are able to hatch many many more peachicks, they are beautiful birds and I LOVE mine!
    Kelsey aka Rural Mama

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