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Bear News

Living in an area with an average of 218 sunny days every year and plenty of deep woods to provide shelter, there are many various types of wildlife that thrive here. Of course, we’re accustomed to a multitude of predators of all different sizes and shapes. Three kinds of rattlesnakes, water moccasins, copperheads, coyotes, foxes, alligators, snapping turtles, bobcats, raccoons, possums, hawks, owls, even rumors of a sasquatch-like creature that some old-timers call the Wild Man of Pea River . . . I’ll save that for another post one day. Now, we can add another one to the list. According to a local news site, early yesterday morning a 300 lb black bear was struck and killed by a car. [You can read the article here. Warning: you might find the picture graphic.]

Now, when you think of Alabama, I’m sure black bears aren’t the first animal that comes to mind – at least, not to my mind. So, after reading the above article I turned to my best friend . . . Google. Apparently, this particular one was a subspecies called the Florida Black Bear. Bear sightings in Alabama are usually in the northern and southwestern parts of the state, both of which are well away from us. Most of those being American Black Bears that have temporarily wandered into our state from the surrounding ones. However, there is a permanent population of bears in Alabama (estimated at 50) primarily located around Mobile. Still well away from us.

In recent months, there have been spottings of black bears in northwest Florida (which is much, much nearer to us than Mobile). So, I suppose this particular one got tired of being a Floridian and ventured further north. From now on out, I’m definitely going to start paying more attention to the bear proofing posts on Backyardchickens.

2 thoughts on “Bear News

  1. Good gracious Shell! The worst thing I have to worry about are foxes and birds of prey.

  2. I know, a little nerve wracking to think it was only miles down the road from us.

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