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Sebbie & Pilgrim Eggs Day 7

The eggs have made it through their first week of incubation, which means it’s time to candle and weigh them. So far, all four of the Sebastopol eggs look to be developing perfectly. The Pilgrim eggs are, of course, another story. Only three out of five of the Pilgrims appear to have developed blood vessels. It’s not surprising at all since they were shipped eggs, and shipping tends to do a lot of damage. For the first few days, I didn’t turn the Pilgrim eggs at all so they would have a chance to settle after their trip from Arkansas. Usually with shipped hatching eggs, 50-60% is considered a good hatch rate. Since there isn’t a bad odor or any seepage  from those two eggs, I’m going to leave them in the incubator for a bit longer, just in case. I’ll begin doing a cooling the eggs for about 10 minutes and then misting them with water tomorrow. 

Pilgrim Egg D.

Sebastopol Egg C.

Below are the eggs’ Day Seven weights.

Egg A           184.28 grams                  
Egg B           148.84 grams                    
Egg C           106.31 grams                    
Egg D           170.10 grams                    

Egg A           170.10 grams              
Egg B           177.19 grams              
Egg C           212.63 grams              
Egg D           170.10 grams              
Egg E            148.84 grams              

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