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Sebbie & Pilgrim Eggs – Day 21

The Sebastopol and Pilgrim eggs are starting their final week of incubation. Unfortunately, I was right about the two questionable Sebastopol eggs – we’re down to two remaining Sebbie eggs out of the four original ones. The eggs will be going on lockdown on Thursday, and then after that we’ll have new goslings!

Pilgrim Egg D.

Sebastopol Egg C.

Below are the eggs’ Day 21 weights:

Egg C             85.05 grams
Egg D            141.75 grams

Egg A            141.75 grams
Egg C            177.19 grams
Egg D            141.75 grams

Update on the peafowl eggs: It’s day 7 for them, and they’re now in one of the incubators. I candled them tonight . . . all seven eggs are developing! I wasn’t sure if our boys were even doing their jobs, but apparently they are lol. For now, though, the one peahen that was laying is taking a break between clutches, but it shouldn’t last too long and hopefully the other girls will begin to lay eggs soon. Below is one of the candled peafowl eggs – they’re very thick-shelled making it a little difficult to see any detail.

The blue arrow is pointing at the center of the network of blood vessels.

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  1. I’m so excited about all the eggs, but keeping my fingers very firmly crossed for the Sebastopol goslings.

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