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National Poultry Day.

Today was National Poultry Day, and in honor of it I thought I’d share a few new pictures of some of our birds.

Una, a very sweet hen, taking a dust bath. She was our very first egg layer out of our hens.

Queenie, one of the two Wheaten Marans hens. She just started laying beautiful chocolate eggs in January.

Our turkeys: Jim Bob, Snoody, and Pattycake.

Some of the ducks down at the pond. From left to right: Randy Roger, the Rouens (Bee & Bop), Susan, Sally.

Some of the ducks waiting for treats. From left to right: Rosie the Riveter, Randy Roger, Sally, and Sylvie.

Some of the girls gossiping around one of the kiddie pools. Our lone Muscovy, Miss Scovy, is to the far left. Grandpa, our Pekin drake, is in the background stretched out taking a nap, one of his favorite pastimes.

I love this picture of Hugo and his girls.

We’ve had guineas since 2003, and still have two of the original ones. They’re the best “guard dogs”. They sound off any time that a stranger, be they human or animal, enters the yard.

And last, but certainly not least is Devreux. He is the very first peafowl we ever owned. I’d dreamed of having peafowl for years, and I can’t tell you how excited I was when Devreux joined our little farm. Lately, he’s been displaying for the girls a lot and making the loud screeching calls that herald the arrival of breeding season.

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  1. Beautiful pictures Shell. What a lovely collection of birds you have there.

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