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Ben’s Eggs – Day 21

Just one more week to go for the eggs under Ben, and we should have three goslings. I candled them today and all three are looking great. In fact, I was able to make out what looks to be the bill in one of the eggs. The candler that I use is one made by Brinsea that’s sold with their OvaScope. I’ve been using this candler since last year and I love it; it’s so bright and works wonders with dark or thick-shelled eggs.

The arrow is pointing to the gosling’s bill.

One of the Indian Runners’ eggs hatched out yesterday and early today. I had figured out last week that that set of eggs were about a week ahead of Ben’s instead of just a few days like the other ducks’. Even though she was a great broody, she’s not been a very good mama. . . stomping on the eggs as they were hatching and later the ducklings and then finally leaving the nest and her babies altogether. After finding several of the babies had passed from her abuse and seeing that she wasn’t going to return to the nest, we decided to remove the remaining ducklings this afternoon and put them in a brooder. I had planned on letting her raise them, but I guess she just doesn’t want to be a mama. Well, at least they’re safe and warm. You know, now that I think of it, we have a Silkie hen that behaved similarly last year. She brooded eggs twice and was so dedicated to them, but each time the eggs began to hatch, she would kill the chicks.

Anyways, below is one of the eggs from the other Indian Runner’s nest. It shouldn’t be long now before her eggs hatch. Here’s hoping that she’s a much better mother.

One of the remaining duck’s eggs.

Edited to Add: If you’d like to see Ben’s goslings that hatched, check out the more recent post, Spring has sprung.

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