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Egg Ornaments

The past couple of months I’ve been working on egg ornaments for our Christmas tree and to give as presents to a few relatives and friends. Egg ornaments are made from blown out eggs, which are then painted, decorated, and coated with Mod Podge. We’ve had a surplus of duck eggs the past few months, so that’s what I mainly used. I’ve read that chicken eggs are a little easier to decorate because of the difference in the texture of their egg shells, and it did seem like the few chicken eggs that I did were a little easier.

I used a wooden skewer to break up the egg yolk and a syringe to blow the contents out. It makes the whole process much easier. Then, of course, the eggs are rinsed out and dried in either the oven or the microwave.

This is right after the first coat of paint. I painted one of the eggs black and covered it with white glitter just to experiment a little (I wish I’d done more that way, because it’s one of my favorites). The eggs are drying on wooden skewers that are stuck into floral styrofoam.

I glued cleaned feathers from our ducks, peafowl, and guineas to some of the eggs as decorations. Other eggs were decorated with rub-ons. After the glue had dried on the eggs with feathers on them, all of the eggs were sprayed with Mod Podge.

Once the last coat of Mod Podge had dried, we inserted beading wire through the eggs to make hangers. Beads and bead caps were used to hide the holes on each end of the eggs.

I ended up making about 30 egg ornaments in all, and as much fun as it was, I’m so glad to be through.

Now, I know this is completely off topic, but I couldn’t resist adding a picture of a little buckling that one of our does had on Monday. His sire, one of my favorite goats, passed a couple of months ago, so I’m very proud to have this little guy. Right now, he isn’t named, but that will change soon.

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