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Myrtle’s foal

In March we added a standard sized donkey to our little farm as a guardian for our goats. Over the past several months of working with her, farrier visits to get her hooves in shape, and spending time with her, Myrtle has become one of my favorites out of our farm animals. She’s definitely opened my eyes to how special donkeys are.
When we bought Myrtle we knew that she had be exposed to a jack the previous year and that we would have a little donkey in several months. Myrtle is our first equine of any type and the closest I’ve been to owning my very much wanted horse, so I’ve been thrilled about having a little donkey. It seemed like those months of waiting dragged on, but finally the wait was over in the very early hours of yesterday morning. Myrtle had a beautiful baby boy.

Myrtle and her baby yesterday morning.

He’s a gorgeous little fellow, and I can’t tell you how proud we are of him. We’ve already decided his name is Mose, and we’ve already started working with him yesterday and today. He’s done really well so far, and so has his mama. Myrtle is a wonderful mother, protective of her baby and not allowing the goats too near, but she doesn’t mind us handling him too much.

Myrtle with her baby yesterday afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Myrtle’s foal

  1. What an adorable baby! Congratulations to Myrtle and to you.

  2. Oh, he is just precious! They are both lovely Shell x

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