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Little Mose is growing up.

Mose nibbling grass with one of the kids, Rosalie, behind him.

Our little donkey foal, Mose, is almost two weeks old now, and he’s growing so fast it’s unbelievable. I try to go out and spend time with him everyday, and I have to say that’s my absolute favorite time of the day. I love sitting down in the afternoon and watching him explore and interact with Myrtle. Mose has these moments where he’s standing still nibbling grass, and then he looks up and takes off at a full run, zooming around the pen. It’s so funny to watch him bouncing around, mainly because he’s almost all legs. He’s starting to interact with the young goats more everyday. At first, everytime they would try to sniff him or inspect him, Mose would run back to his mother.

Myrtle is still such a wonderful mother. It’s so touching to see the bond that she has with her baby. I don’t know if he appreciates it, but I certainly do. I’ve noticed this week that Mose has begun testing his independence by not staying right by Myrtle’s side all of the time like he was before.

Mose with Penelope and Myrtle in the background.
I couldn’t resist adding a picture of Penelope, my little bottle baby from last year.
She was checking to see if I had any more treats.

I thought I would add a fun fact about donkeys to this post. Did you know: Donkeys are similar to Silkie chickens in that they tend to be very dedicated mothers. They’re also usually good companions for other livestock.   

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  1. What an absolute poppet! Keep telling us how Mose is getting on.

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