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Lee’s on its way.

Tropical Storm Lee is still churning away out in the gulf. The last I checked it was expected to make landfall somewhere in Louisiana with winds at 52 mph currently. It’s a very slow moving storm (only going 2 mph) that will most likely drop a ton of rain on the Southeast.

We live a little over 100 miles north of Panama City Beach, FL (“The Spring Break Capital of the World”). So it’ll pass over our area, but the storm should be quite a bit weaker by then (hopefully more like a strong thunderstorm than anything else). We’re expected to get a lot of rain from Lee all the way into Tuesday of next week (4-8 inches, I think), and thankfully because of it, temperatures will only be in the 70s and 80s. I think we’re all looking forward to a break from the heat we’ve been having this year.

We didn’t get any rain from the storm today, but the sky was overcast and gray with the threat of it and the wind was quite brisk. The ducks seemed like they enjoyed the wind stirring up the leaves around them while they were out free ranging, and I bet they would have loved a little rain with the wind even more.

Oh, I almost forgot to add, Auburn won against Utah (42-38). Yay! It’s got to be a good sign to start off the football season with a win.

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