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Computer troubles.

I swear to ya’ll, I have got to be the Queen of Computer Problems.
I’m on my third laptop since 2006. To be fair, during part of that time our Weimaraners were going through the puppy stage (I bought our oldest weim as a Christmas present for my hunny, Clint, in 2006 and he bought our youngest one as a present for me in 2008), and they were more than happy to help me with my destructive and clutzy tendencies.

The two boys were especially precocious as puppies. Remington (the youngest weim and the one that loves watching “incubator tv”) actually locked me out of the house one night when he was just 16 weeks old. I had to go search for a key, and all the while, Remy stood at the door watching me and wagging his little tail. It was a little embarrassing at the time, but it’s a funny story now that my mother and Clint love to tease me about. One thing is for sure, those puppy years were never boring with our “kids” around.

Remy as a puppy.

Well, that was a little off topic, so back to my computer. This time it was all my fault. I dropped my laptop, and now it’s being repaired. I’ve been using one of the older ones, and it’ll have to do until I get mine back.

I do have something good to tell ya’ll. We have a new Polish. A little pullet that looks almost exactly like our Polish rooster, Elka (I know, I know. . . that’s a feminine name, but I wasn’t sure what gender Elka was at first). I let my mother name our new girl, and she chose Laura. I just love the Polish breed; they’re so pretty and funny at the same time with the big poofs on top of their heads.

Elka, our white crested black Polish rooster and the currently broken computer.
Laura, our newest Polish.

Labor Day and the unofficial end to Summer is coming up on Monday, so I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday weekend. We’ll be celebrating by grilling out. And of course, I’m sure we’ll manage to tune in to cheer on Auburn as they play against Utah State in their first football game of the season.
War Eagle!

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  1. Elka and Laura look lovely! If you get only half the pleasure from them that I’ve had from my two, then you’re in for hours and hours of happiness!

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