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Piper is two weeks old!

On July 25th, we had one peachick to hatch out of three shippped peafowl eggs. That was my second try at incubating peafowl eggs (the first time was a complete disappointment), and I’m so happy that we actually had one to make it. We named her Piper (actually, we’re not sure that she is indeed a she, but until we know different that’s what we’re going with). According to the really knowledgeable peafowl people on BYC, Piper is a loud pied.

Well, Piper is now two weeks old (and a few days), and my oh my, can she fly. We’ve brooded guinea keets plenty of times. They usually start flying very young, too, but Piper has even them beat. It’s amazing how different her personality is from other young birds we’ve raised (like chicks, keets, poults, etc). We can’t wait to see what she’s going to look like when she’s grown.

Piper at 2 weeks old.
Piper on one of her adventures.
Piper at a few days old.

Remy watching Piper hatch.

2 thoughts on “Piper is two weeks old!

  1. She’s gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing more pictures on your blog as she progresses.

  2. Thank you : ) We’re very excited to see what she’ll look like as she grows.

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