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Happy Birthday Grandma!

My grandmother turned 83 last week. My mom and I took her out to eat on Friday and did a lot of shopping (I feel like we bought the stores out. . . just kidding). All in all, we had a very nice girls’ day together.

Grandma was born the third child (and third daughter) of a pentecostal preacher (he also owned a mechanic’s shop in our small town for many years) and his wife. Over the ensuing years, my great grandparents had seven more children. She’s the oldest of their children that are still living, and even though she’s in her eighties, she still gets around fairly well. My grandmother went on to have three children (the eldest, and only son, died in his early twenties) and three grandchildren (of which I’m the youngest and the only girl).

Happy Birthday Grandma!

One thought on “Happy Birthday Grandma!

  1. Looks like she thoroughly enjoyed herself 🙂

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