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Going to the doctor

I had to go to the eye doctor yesterday for an exam. Our adult geese (Hugo and the girls, as I call them) were not happy about it because they had to wait until I came back to be let out for the day. Not that I was happy about it, either. My allergies have been bothering me the last few days, so I wasn’t feeling too well. I’m nearsighted, but thankfully, my vision isn’t getting any worse. For the ninth year in a row, my prescription is exactly the same. But I have to say, I really do hate those dilation drops. I guess they tend to be worse on some blue-eyed people, and I’m one of those.

I do have congenital cataracts and Heterochromia iridum. The cataracts have never bothered me and, luckily, have never required surgery. The other just means that my eyes have a brown section in them. It was always a little embarrassing when I was growing up because it was more noticeable then, and strangers never failed to mention it. Now, it’s not so bad.
I picked up some really cute nail polish while I was out. The color is called folly, but it wasn’t a folly to buy it : ) It’s a bright pink color that I just love.
The geese were so sweet when I got home. I let them out for a little while when I got back so that they could ramble some. They were all good little sweethearts and were waiting patiently at their pen for me to lock them up for the night.

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