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Our Ducklings and Goslings arrived!

We ordered several ducklings and two goslings a few weeks ago, and they came in today! Just after we got through with chores this morning, we got the call that they were sitting at the post office waiting for us. Mom went to town to get them, while I made sure their brooder was ready.

My mom loves our Indian Runners because they lay so many eggs, so she wanted to try another good egg laying breed: Khaki Campbells. SO and I love our Indian Runners, so we added in two black Runners, and of course, two African goslings. We’re hoping that when they get a little older the two Africans will bond with our six week old gosling, Aubrieanne. As it is, she doesn’t doesn’t get along with any of the ducks that are close to her age. She does like the ducklings that hatched last week, Pippin and Tapper, though, and, of course, she loves us.

None of them have names, yet. I’m the resident pet-namer, so I guess I better get busy.

Our Africans, Khaki Campbells, & Indian Runners (+ an extra).

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